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Love is the self-delusion we manufacture to...

Love is the self-delusion we manufacture to justify the trouble we take to have sex.
Dan Greenburg
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Total BS.
Name: bold thought2004-11-10
Greenburg is quite possibly one of the most self-deluded, sad, sad, sad people walking this Earth; if he's not already dead. Whoever gave this quote a 10 must be a real cynic. Oh and Cynics were originally the followers of a man named Diogenes.

[quote/]A colorful disciple of Antisthenes was Diogenes (c.350bc). He lived a life as primitive as a dog. From the Greek "kuvikos" = dog-like, we get the word cynicism. "Legend has it he lived in a tub, and to show contempt for public opinion, masturbated in the market place..."[/quote]

Dan Greenburg and the person who gave this quote a 10 are both cynics and therefore both dogs.

I think it's pretty sad that most people use the phrase "What's up, dawg?" instead of "Hey man, what's up?"
perhaps not.
Name: aven2005-03-27
that's an interesting bit of trivia. Greenburg is admittedly a cynic, possibly a dog, but quite impossible to prove wrong, isn't he? you could be self-delusional yourself (please don't try to deny this) and an idealist, which is nearly as bad as being a cynic. cheers. ;)
Name: meh2005-04-13
Actually, Diogenes was, what you might call, living the Socratic life. He actually took the time to examine his own life and realized that it is more meaningful to go against the flow of society rather than to just ride the wave. I would say that Diogenes is, if anything, somebody to look up to, especially in today's conformist society.

Regarding the quote, what is so bad about admitting that maybe we are simply biological in nature. Why is it so hard for people to accept this as a possibility?
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