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Love is the strange bewilderment that overtakes...

Love is the strange bewilderment that overtakes one person on account of another person.
James Thurber
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Name: jemma2006-04-12
well i sort of dont really get it that much but o well!
I serve as a 20-year
Name: Ahmet2015-11-13
I serve as a 20-year Federal Appointee to the Selective Service Board. That's right! I'm on the Draft Board. Of course, as a Libertarian I friceely oppose the Draft for any reason. (It is nothing less than Slavery). And if Obama and the Dems ever brought it back, I'd vote for every young man in my district to be exempted.That's not the point.Every few months I get a notice from the S.S. district commander BEGGING us to find more Draft Board members.It's so easy to sign up. They prefer Vets, or someone with some community involvement background. But they're so desperate these days they'd take anyone.I bet you anything, there's some vacancies in Delaware. Think of it. You'd be a Federal Appointee for a public office. There's virtually no commitment, a short meeting once a year for some updates, and training. Think how great it would look on a political brochure, "John Doe, Libertarian candidate for State House, 20-year Federal Appointee, Selective Service Board, Wilmington Region." Milk it for all its worth. Anyone who'd like more information is welcome to call me at 979-848-4575
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